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We are an exclusive nonprofit disaster relief charitable organization in Newberg, Oregon focused on humanitarian needs to the Americans in Puerto Rico that were devastated by Hurricane Irma & Maria and took no mercy on the island.  

Our mission is of love, hope, faith and volunteering selflessly of all involved.  With the flooding continuing everyday, much of the island still without power, water, food, fully operating hospitals, nursing homes, people in shelters and most homeless, we are dedicated to send aid in the form of food, water, medicine, essential and life supporting supplies, shelter, lanterns, batteries and whatever is needed to help the people of Puerto Rico.  The needs change on a daily basis and we will be here to full fill those needs.  We can only do this with grants, contributions and volunteers.

We have several programs:

1. Sending packages to families from a growing list sent to us from people on the island and concerned families here in the states.

2. Adopt-a-family where anyone can select a family to adopt and send their needed items directly to them.

3. Adopt a Elder/Nursing Home that desperately needs blankets, twin sheets, food, Ensure, medicine, oxygen, medical supplies, lanterns, clothing, and many more items.  One business would be able to supply 1 home with their needs for 2 months with $3,000.

4. Attend one of our fundraisers and support American Puerto Ricans, learn of the culture, history and help send supplies to the island to lessen the death toll, the starvation of millions and help shelter millions of homeless due to their homes being destroyed from not one but two back to back hurricanes. 

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Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 


Being terrified 24/7 is not a way to live.

Loosing your home, your family, having no place to go, having your loved one die right in front of your eyes and nobody to help.  Having no food, no clean water, no oxygen left to breathe or available insulin, dialysis, cancer treatments, having a heart attack and no way to get help.  This is what is happening in every part of Puerto Rico.  Having your family there and you here is the most terrifying for all of us on the mainland who can get these things by a matter of minutes or hours, however, they cannot. No phones, no electricity, no shelter, no help. 

Most of the houses roofs are gone!

They are in need of large tarps to keep the rain out. 

Puerto Rico's Rain Fall Per Mo. per Inch. ON AVERAGE. where it hit the worst. 

Oct.  6.3

Nov. 5.5

Dec. 4.5

However, this an island that had already been hit with 2 major hurricanes that have water soaked grounds that cannot hold any more water, not can the rivers, small lakes or canals.  This house is not an up kept house, this is what happened from after 2 major back to back hurricanes ripped wind, and rain at 185 mph through an entire island, through homes, throwing everything in it's way all over and anywhere, on top of each other, out into the streets, into the ocean, into other people's homes, businesses, clinics, schools, where ever it wanted. Everyone works and now where ever they worked is gone too.  They can't work to make money to pay to fix their homes, their lives and we can help them and we are here to help.


We are getting requests on a daily basis for personal family and single person assistance, as well as churches, community centers, adult care facilities, hospitals and child care facilities.

Most of the island is still without electricity, running water, health care for basic needs let alone kidney dialysis, cancer treatments, major surgeries, illnesses spreading due to mosquitoes and contaminated water.  A lot of people are being very helpful to neighbors and sharing what they get from the food banks, but it is not enough.  It is over 57 days since Hurricane Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rican's lives and we can help.

Basic Information on people needing help. If you see a family you would like to help, please conact us, and I will give you the full information to help the family. If just One family helps One family in Puerto Rico, we would be able to help everyone on the island.

Basic Information of Families in Need ASAP

Hello. Please,  send help to this woman in Punta Santiago, Humacao. 46 years old, She lives alone with a dog and a cat, has no job and has received very little if anything from FEMA. She is diabetic and suffers from cancer,  depression, high blood pressure She has to eat every 4 hours or so because of her diabetes. I think she takes Metformin for her diabetes.  and has had no electricity since Irma.  Punta Santiago,  PR 00741

Father, Mother and Daughter

 Comerío, PR  00782 

Elder 81 with health conditions

Mayaquez, PR 00680

2 dogs - wet food only

Foster Father

7 Boys

Mayaquez, PR 00680

Mother Father - 60's

Mayaquez PR 00680

Son 42 yrs old

2 Grandsons

1 Granddaughter

2 dogs

Husband and Wife

Cayey, PR  00736


 Comerío, PR  00782-9510 

 One female adult 20 years old 

One female adult 17 years old 

Boy 9 years old

 Girl Báez 3 years old

Single Adult Female

Cidra, PR  00739

Single Adult Female

Comerío, PR   00782

Mother and Father

Comerío, PR 00782-9510
A son 7 years old

1 dog


Comerío, PR 00782

Husband and Wife

Bayamón, PR  00957

Adult Female

Comerío, PR 00782-9510

Mother and Father

Sábana Seca, PR  00952 

Daughter 3 años Daughter 1 año Grandmother 

Juanita, Bayamón, PR  00956 

3 adults

Rabanal, Cidra, PR  00739 

2 Adults

Mother and Father

Rabanal , Cidra , PR  00739 

Daughter 17 years old

boy 6 years old and daughter 2 years old

Hi Sherri! I have another address and this is a family with small kids in Comerio. I know Sara very well and she is a lovely lady. They need in their community solar lamps is extremely dark at night and they have to do night watch for security. Elders need bottle water and food. Batteries D and AA and batteries operated fans. This is the list of need that I asked her to do in order for us to try to cover some of their needs.  Comerio, PR 00782-9510

An elder home who are in need of food a

nd water in Toa Alta. They have 35 elders. Hogar Hermandad de Oro Bo. Mucarabones Sector La cuerda Carr. 861 km 4.5 Toa Alta PR 00953

Single Female  - Lost job due to hurricanes

Mayaguez, PR 00680-9023

3 Retired Police Officers who are going house to house delivering needed items around the island and in the mountains

Mayaguez, PR 00680

Mayaguez, PR 00681  He is a member of the Adventist Church who has an organization that helps people in need. He told me water is the one thing most needed and of course food. He can distribute things in his community, el cerro de las mesas, Mayaguez.

There is still over 6400 people in shelters in Puerto Rico and more that have been placed in hotels around the island, all who do not have homes, clothing, or any possessions that are in need of food, and essential items.  FEMA only allows 30 days of shelter then wants to transport  anyone who is displaced to Florida and NY whether they want to or not.   We would like to help the People of Puerto Rico that want to stay and care for their parents, stay and not leave them to perish a lone.  


Children's Home/


405 Juan Ponce De León Avenue, San Juan 00901

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George Fox Department of Art and Design

Thank you to Professor Gary Buhler and his art students for creating the most amazing art piece of Puerto Rico for our fundraiser.  


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