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Helping to put the pieces back together again......

Who We Are

PNW (Pacific Northwest) for Puerto Rico Relief is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit disaster relief charitable organization in Newberg, Oregon providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid to all Puerto Rico's survivors that were affected by Hurricane Irma & Maria in September 2017 still in dire need.  These two back to back hurricanes took no mercy on a single person, animal or the 3 islands of Puerto Rico.

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief does not have any paid employees, however, runs on Volunteers that believe in our mission and give so selflessly of their time and hearts. 

100% of all contributions received, goes straight to those affected by the hurricanes.  We locate and focus on the most needed people and communities that have not received  aid and still without services.  The funds are utilized to provide clean water, much needed medications and medical devices, light sources, materials to help rebuild and repair homes, and replace educational supplies in deeply affected areas.   Due to the great need of various items and services in Puerto Rico, our charity relies on donations, grants, and contributions from gracious donors and sponsorship's.


Helping to put the pieces back together again.....

Providing, updating, and replacing K-12 educational materials, promoting community health and mental well-being by going to great lengths in planning, extensive collaborative projects, and community action.


To give hope for a better future for all Americans in Puerto Rico by returning every house to a home, ensuring healthy and self-sustaining communities, updated education, fully functioning public schools, and working towards ensuring Puerto Rico's equality as part of the United States of America. 

Humanitarian Aid

PNW for Puerto Rico is providing short to long-term assistance until long-term government help is able to step in, or until human lives are no longer in danger and restored to normalcy.

All PNW for Puerto Rico Relief's activities are guided by Four Humanitarian Principals

  1. Humanity
  2. Neutrality
  3. Impartiality
  4. Independence

These provide the foundation of our works actions.

We take care of the particular needs of communities and individuals affected by the hurricanes and provide relief aid in the form of

  • Food - Ensuring food donations are culturally, age, and nutritionally appropriate as well as if they are non-perishable and not expired.  
  • Water & Filtration Systems - Providing clean, uncontaminated water for consumption is crucial.  377,400 residents are still without clean water.  EPA cautions against well water due to safety concerns.  We provide 2.5 & 1 gallon containers of water to families for drinking and cooking.  The water delivered by the military must be boiled several times before being used for bathing and cleaning but not suitable for consumption.  Water filters of all kinds are needed to help decrease and prevent water borne disease and even death. 
  • Non-consumables - When the hurricane hit, residents lost everything they owned.  We give them toilet tissue, hygiene products, paper plates/cups/towels, clothing, linens, medications, glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, battery operated respirators, medications, diapers, solar lights, soaps of all kinds and so much more so everyone is able to maintenance some level of human decency and dignity.
  • Shelter - After a category 4 hurricane ripped through homes with wind and rain for over 30 hours, with families huddled together in bathtubs looking up to see their roofs and sides of their homes being clawed and shred away, we are sending what is able to be donated such as tents, tarps, blankets, rope, lights.  We need assistance to go over and repair homes so families can return home.  FEMA has denied everyone that we have come into contact in every area of the island due to "lack of paperwork", even if they have it all and are paying their property taxes.  Insurances are not paying, and their is no government aid as of yet.  We are their hope.

With many stores, businesses, crops, farmers, and restaurants out of business in the towns and small cities, there is little to no work,  It will take time to rebuild and get the jobs  back.  Until then, assistance is needed.

Donation Drives

Immediately after Hurricane Maria, Nicky and I did not hesitate to collect donations to send to Puerto Rico.  We continue today to collect needed contributions to help meet the needs that still remain in Puerto Rico.

Giving isn’t about money. Giving is about the hearts and minds and values of donors. And donors are the heroes of the story.

Care & Supply Packages

Since September 2017, we began sending care packages to our family in Puerto Rico.  This turned into a need to help Puerto Rico as a whole and was the beginning of PNW for Puerto Rico Relief.  Families and friends of the survivors of the hurricanes contact us from around the U.S. requesting assistance.  Today, we have sent over 400 boxes to Puerto Rico since September 28, 2017 directly to families, schools, adult care facilities, and churches. Without the help of our Newberg, Beaverton and Tigard,  Oregon communities, and Newberg Mail Room, this would not have been possible. 

Fundraisers & Events

Non-profits like PNW for Puerto Rico Relief are making a difference in Puerto Rico and helping some of the locals get back to work, head towards a somewhat normal life allowing for people around the world to return to Puerto Rico on vacation again allowing for the economy to rise higher than ever before. 

By holding fundraisers, seminars, public forums, focus groups and other events, we are able to educate, inspire, allow for others to help us take action  and supporting the Americans in Puerto Rico.  Once you hear and feel that gratefulness of even one local,  it makes everything you do worthwhile.  All your hard work is paid off in that very moment. Not one person from Puerto Rico asked us for help, and when we offered, were very hesitant. Boriquas are resilient and have been working very hard together as communities and helping one another.  I am happy to come back and share our heart warming stories to you of the happiness the Puerto Rican people feel in their hearts for what PNW for Puerto Rico Relief and our donors/sponsors are doing for them.  Thank you to everyone.  It is a team effort.

We can also learn and practice disaster preparedness here in Oregon after the Hurricane Maria catastrophe.  A disaster can hit us at anytime, a power outage, a horrific storm flooding our streets, knocking down trees on our homes, mudslides......we have a lot to share.

"Vision of Healing"

June 1 - 12, 2018 Relief Aid to Puerto Rico

Who We Are Helping

School Children

Assisting the schools in:

  • Replacing such simple supplies such as crayons, glue, pencils, notebooks that were destroyed and the parents are unable to purchase.

  • Purchasing and replacing workbooks, updating educational material from 1970's encyclopedias to current learning material.

  • Purchase at least 3 computers per school to bring higher education to all K-12 children

  • Bring current in Vaccinations- Hurricane Maria put the children's vaccination's schedules behind and left a shortage of  supply

  • Oral Hygiene - Providing all K-12 children with oral hygiene kits and teaching them how to properly care for their teeth and the importance of their over all health and their teeth.

Families - Infants to the Elderly

Families still remain displaced from their homes on the beaches of Isabella, on basketball courts in Luquilla, living with neighbors, rain pouring into your home in the highest hills of the mountains, fixing their homes with found materials as the majority have been denied any aid from FEMA.

As of Feburary 2018, the most needed items are:

  • Water & water filtration systems
  • Low Dose Asprin
  • Children's Tylenol
  • Pedialyte
  • Diapers -All sizes & wipes
  • Cold & Flu Medications
  • Cortizone Creme
  • Mosquito Barrier
  • Boost or any Nutritional Drink
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Glucose Monitors & Strips
  • Oral Hygiene
  • All hygiene- Men, women, child
  • Battery Powered Respirators
  • Care Kits (Cancer, Dialysis, etc)
  • Walkers & Canes
  • All glasses
  • Generators 
  • Electrical Cords
  • Home Depot Cards (for home repairs to purchase plywood for their roofs, chainsaws to remove fallen trees/poles, patch leeks etc, )
  • PAPER plates, cups, towels
  • Toilet paper
  • All types of soaps
  • Yard/Working Gloves Men/Women
  • Trash Bags
  • Sanitizer Spray, Lysol, Wipes, and Hand Sanitizer
  • Solar Power Lights
  • Vegetable Seeds

American Veterans, Military & their families

Providing lights, fresh food, water,  medications, hygiene and care kits, health care, food, water and transportation assistance 

  • 300,000 World War II - Afghanistan Vets, 
  • 38,000+ Active duty Army, Navy & Air Force
  • 10,000+ Army & Navy Reserves and National Guard.

  • More than 348,000 United States Puerto Rican Military, Vets and their families endured Hurricanes Irma & Maria just like all the rest of the Americans on the islands.   Many still without basic needs of power and water. They served our country, this is the least we can give back.

  • Did you know Puerto Rico has 5 Military Bases?  Puerto Rico also has American Legions, and VFW's (Veterans of Foreign Wars). 

  • Puerto Rico has been "officially" serving in the US Military since 1899 in every small & major conflict in what the United States has participated in for the past twelve decades.  

First Respondents & Homeland Security

Police, firefighters and Homeland Security are the heart of keeping the island moving and safe.  The media had reported that all had gone on strike, called in sick or not shown up for work.  The media has reported wrong. On our mission, we spoke to many first responders and always saw patrols:

  • All first responders and Homeland Security are working full time and putting in over 80 hrs overtime per month since Hurricane Irma
  • They have lost their Pensions. 
  •  First Responders have to pay a lot more for their health insurance than ever before lowering their net pay.   Every one of these people are working up to 80 hrs overtime per month and will not get that OT for six months.  They get their regular pay every three months.   Many are living without power and water and still go to work.  There are police officers and firefighters living in the parking lots of the precincts and stations across the entire island because they have not had power since Hurricane Irma, and have had to send their families to the US mainland with their immediate family until it is safe to return home once again.  

Homeland Security officers told us the same thing, they are living on the outskirts of Mayaguez, same as others with no electric and clean water, but go to work everyday.  They wanted us to let people in the 50 states know that the people in Puerto Rico think they have been forgotten and that conditions are still bad.

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief came home and let people know, they are not forgotten, that outside of San Juan and Ricon, it is still a horrific crisis and people need help desperately.   The people that are protecting the American Citizens are having to protect themselves and their families.

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief wants to help relieve the burden by providing temporary homes so their families can be together again, healthy meals and adequate health care.


When you have a choice of feeding  yourself or your pet, sometimes it is a hard one, and sometimes the love of your pet gives you no choice and you share.  Our small Pet Food Bank made up of donated goods, gives assistance so there doesn't have to be a choice. 

The shelters are overly full and cannot take on more cats and dogs.  The shelters are in need of assistance of:

  • Adoption
  • Food
  • Veterinary Supplies
  • Veterinary Care
  • Bedding,
  • Safety release collars
  • Feed Bowls
  • Towels
  • Animal Shampoo
  • Brushes
  • Flea Meds
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Leashes
  • Scrubs
  • Blankets

Many, many horses are left tied up on short leads with no water or food all day in the hot sun or rain.  We will be provding buckets of water and adequate and appropriate food for these horses as many are starving.  


Food Security - Puerto Rico has a year-round growing season and can utilize their land to grow produce instead of paying the exorbitant prices to import, thus saving millions of dollars and families able to afford fresh produce.  This will also put farmer's back in business, and help Puerto Rico towards independence.  Puerto Rico would rather not receive aid.  They do not have the tools or the means to get to back to planting, growing and selling their produce. They are still in crisis mode. 

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief wants to start with obtaining seeds and growing material for the citizens so that they may start with personal and community gardens.  The soil has changed and there is limited foods that can be grown in a tropical climate.  Since Oregonians are wonderful gardeners, it would be more than perfect to have a team go to Puerto Rico and help start container gardens as well as community gardens and go from there.

January 22- Feb 1, 2018 "Vision of Hope" Humanitarian Aid to Puerto Rico

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief went on our on our first Humanitarian Aid Relief mission to Puerto Rico from January 22 - Feb 1, 2018.  

June 1 -12th 2018 "Vision of Healing" Humanitarian Aid to Puerto Rico

Our focus will be on health care, well-being checks, mental health, educational supplies, water and water filter distribution, fresh food, agriculture and home repairs. 

Volunteer Needed of all ages

Thank you to our gracious Sponsors & Donors

Washington County Sheriff's Dept.

Newberg  & Beaverton Fred Meyers

Unlseashed by Petco

Newberg Bakery

Showcase Flowers

Round Table Pizza - Newberg and Beaverton

Kris and Denise Zimmerman

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Albany American Legion Post 10

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Mariana Sandoval - Banner Bank

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Physician Assistant- Erika Jean

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Contact Us

PNW for Puerto RIco Relief

806 Sitka Ave

Newberg, OR 97132

Contact: 503-757-3391

Email: pnw.puertoricorelief@yahoo.com

Nicky Colo'n

President & Co-Founder

Sherri Colo'n

Executive Director & Co-Founder

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief

Get Involved! Have a Question?

Forms and Flyers

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Our Programs

Providing Humanitarian Aid, Short & Long-term  recovery efforts, medical team support and collaboration programs,  disaster assistance, and community projects.  These programs are free and without any predjudice to all those individuals residing in Puerto Rico that were affected by the 2017 Hurricanes, the March 2018 flooding and any disasters that may come in 2018. 

  •  Mental Health & Dental Care Program
  • Emergency Assistance Program
  • Residential Reconstruction & Repair Assistance
  • K- 12 Educational Assistance
  • Continued Missing Persons Search

Please contact us if you are in need of assistance. If you are in need of urgent medical care, please have your medical facility contact us so that we may make arrangements with them to get you the care you need or find you a local area facility to go to. 

Assistance applications are coming soon.

We can only continue to provide these services and programs while our funding and contributions are available,

Announce coming events

Sat April 21, 2018 4:30 - 6:30pm

Newberg Christian Church

$25.00 per person

"Vision of Healing" Fundraiser

Crab Louis Dinner & Silent Action

All proceeds will go to our June "Vision of Healing" mission to Puerto Rico for 3 full day Health Clinics, supplies as well as building repairs to 2 Children's Homes in Puerto Rico for children 0 - 8yrs with no families.

Buy your tickets at:


Real testimonials

"Following the Maria we had no power, lights or water.  PNW for Puerto Rico Relief in Oregon sent us 3 boxes of a radio, battery light that was so bright is light the whole house the neighbors thoght we had light, water, canned chicken, canned tuna, peanut butter, beef jerky, water tablets to clean water to drink, pasta and spaghetti sauce, chilii, chocolate for the kids, oatmeal , tea, and so much.  We were 3 weeks without food and were so hungry and they send us these boxes.  We were beyond hungry.  We were so happy and God Bless them. "


Logo made up of Sherri's own design, the US Puerto Rican Island in their flag colors, surrounded by the State of Oregon (part of the Pacific Northwest) in a supporting nature with our name, PNW for Puerto Rico Relief.  



We will have various colors to select from and wll be available on-line and at our events for purchase/donation

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