Donate today to make a change

Your contributions change not only in a physical way, but the future of children that the hurricanes almost took away.  YOU heal  the hearts and make smiles in all the people and animals we are able to bring aid to.

Your life changing gift is tax deductible!

Since we are a 501c3 Disaster Relief Nonprofit organzation, any gift that you give is tax deductibe and will help in every aspect of the Disaster Relief projects for all communities in Puerto Rico that need our help.

Why Volunteer?

 1. Learn new skills and apply the ones you have

2. Give to a Cause you beleive in

3. Empower others in a long-term capacity

4. Learn a new language

5. Travel to a new area you have never seen

6. Make a new family & become part of a great team

7. Gain a whole new perspective

8. It's life changing for those you help and it will change you!