September 2019 Puerto Rico Recovery Trip

When: September 1 - October 1, 2019

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief will be going back to Puerto Rico for the entire month of September 2018 to aid in the recovery efforts during the 2019 Hurricane Season.

Collaboration is the Key to Success!

We will be collaborating with Habitat for Humanity, SCAR Rescue, American Legion, Legion Riders, and a few others.  
PNW for Puerto Rico will have 12 -20 rotating Volunteers on this trip on a 2 week interval.  We are proud to have our first US Military Veteran's Volunteer Group going.  Our US Veterans are from the Vietnam - Afghanastan Conflicts/Wars.  We are happy to have Brandon Turner and Lisa Boerger returning this trip and welcome all our new volunteers as well as all the Volunteers /US Military Veterans and  that live in Puerto Rico.  We are so excited.
September 2019  Nicky Colo'n, Sherri Colo'n, Brandon Turner, Lisa Boerger, Charles McCarthy, Freddie Ortiz, to mention a few will be some of our volunteers.

Our focused programs in September  will be : 

  1. Constructing  walls in homes to make individual rooms once again to bring individual privacy, normalcy, and safety.
  2. Repair Leaky Roofs
  3. Door-to-Door Welfare Checks which is one of the programs we do on all of our trips.  This helps us check on those who may be home bound, in an emergency situation and need assistance, or have not received any assistance yet.
  4. Assisting small schools with supplies and snacks to ensure children are receiving some nutrition, seeking out those families that need assistance, and assuring teachers, classrooms and K-12 children have what they need to get a proper education.
  5. Veteran's Benefits- Working with US Military Veterans to ensure they are utilitzing their Benefits, counceling and medical facilities. 
  6. Collaborting with other non-profits to rebuild homes, care for the homeless animal problem created by Hurricane Maria
  7. Working with the elderly to get their needs met.

Funding Goal: $40,000 to Aid in Recovery for October

Parntering with us on a Corporate or Individual level, you will see for every $25 donation, we can provide  $175 in recovery and medical aid to those in need.

  • *Oral Hygiene Products (All size toothbrushes, mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss, bridge floss, denture adhesive, denture cups, denture brushes )
  • *Low Dose Asprin
  • *Wrist Blood Pressure Cuffs (New)
  • *Glasses (New & Gently Used)
  • Funding Source options to help us achive our missions and attain sustainability:
    • Corporate Partners 
    • Grants
    • Private Contributions
    • Investment Income
    • Purchase of our Shirts
    • Attending our Fundraisers
    • Enter our Raffles Online or in Person
    • Home Depot Cards to Purchase Supplies in Puerto Rico 
    • Walmart Gift Cards
  • We are grateful to those who help and partner with us to make the huge impacts we make to the survivors in Puerto Rico.  There are still hundreds of thousands of people in the mountains of Puerto Rico without power, clean water, light, medical care, and a means to get down to a town, 2 - 3 hours a way to a store or medical help.  Roads are still blocked, people's cars are still crushed or not running.  The crises is not over for many, and those are the people we will continue to help.  

By being one of our Donors, you are just as valuable as our Volunteers here in the states or going on a mission. 

 You are the supplies that we are putting in our hands and delivering to their damaged homes, the walls we are putting up, the fresh vegetables and fruits we are giving them, the medication they are putting in their mouths to help them with their chronic conditions.  You are the rental car that is getting us all over the island every day to care for everyone 10 -12 hours per day.  You are the smiles on peoples faces, food and water in their stomaches, formula in a baby's tummy, a respirator tube so that many can breathe once again. This is all because of you!!!  And you are a miracle to all of them and if you could just hear their thank you's and feel their hugs of gratitude, you just might join us on a mission one day.

  1. Individual Contributions can be made on our Donation page.
  2. Partnering and Corporate Level gifting packets can be found on our Forms & Documents page or call Sherri Colo'n at 503-757-3391 to set-up a meeting to discuss the unlimited possiblilities

September 2019 Recovery Mission