Who We Are



PVolunteers are the heartbeat of our Disaster Relief & Recovery organization.  It's the warm, caring hearts, the devotion to helping others recover from disaster that make us succeed at seeing smiles and beeing able to come back over and over again.  

Our volunteers are Dr.s, PA's, LPN's,  MA's,  Psychologist, Construction workers, Police Officers, Military & Veterans, Volunteer Firefighters, Hairdressers and Locals. 


Nicky Colo'n

President & Co-Founder

Nicky is a US Army Veteran from Brooklyn, NY who joined the service in 1980, served three deployment in Iraq after 9/11 is home and medically retired in Portland, OR.  In Nov. 2014 Nicky  and Barreett, his Certified Service Dog, started training as a team with Northwest Battle Buddies and have been together ever since.   Nicky has a great quality of being able to talk to everyone, speaks Spanish fleuently as his mother was born is Mayaguez Puerto Rico and father from Spain.  Nicky's family still lives in Puerto Rico, and the pain of not knowing if they were alive after Hurricaines Irma and Maria, but also knowing some were beyond starvation enabled Nicky and Sherri to start sending life saving boxes to  them, then to other families.  That started PNW for Puerto Rico Releif.  


Sherri Colo'n

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Sherri Colo'n, together they saw a need to help everyone in Puerto Rico and began PNW for Puerto Rico Relief in October 2017 following Hurricane Maria.  Sherri has an extensive 26 years of legal, accounting, administrative, business and volunteering background behind her which coupled with a huge heart to help everyone makes this organization stand strong, survive and stand out above all. 

I grew up being a hard worker, being outside,  family were excavators so I was digging in dirt and rocks, farming, minor constuction and repair work, and    helping others when in need.  It's in my heart and blood.  Nothing feels better than being able to put your skills to work and see someone's heart heal, tears flow,  a huge smile  on their face, a  big hug and invitation to come into their home to visit like your their family. 

"Going on missions to Puerto Rico puts your life into perspective and what is truely important in your life.  All the "things" in  your life are not worth anything, it's your family, taking time to love one another is what really matters"


Freddie Ortiz


Freddie is a Brooklyn NY born Puerto Rican.  He has family of Puerto Rcan decent in NY and native still in Puerto Rico.  

Freddie has assisted PNW for Puerto Rico Relief since the end of September 2017 following Hurriance Maria, raising  donations, and goods to send to Puerto Rico to help everyone on the island.   Freddie has never stopped with his efforts, with raising funds on his own and medcal supplies that are still needed today.    Freddie Ortiz raised money when he went back to PA and NY in 2018 on his own and sent to Puerto Rico to help in the efforts to relieve the utility bills  citizens were forced to pay despite not having service. 


Brandon Turner

Cheif Suppy Officer

Volunteer Team Members Our team is our family!

Erika Horner


Physician Assisant

PNW for Puerto Rico Relief could not have accomlished our June 2018 Mission  at all wihout Erika Horner.  Erika helpled us get the authorization to obtain  many life saving medications that we gave to families and individuals  across Puerto Rico especially in the remote areas where people were not able to reach any medical  professionals at all.   Erika was able to let families know that their loved ones had only weeks to live,  we were able to call for an ambulance for those that had a chance,  and gave medications to those that would never have been able to see a doctor other than Erika.   She was a God Send for so many in Pueto Rico's remote areas.  We are so lucky to have had here on our team.

Lisa Boerger


Lisa is a Pediatric, ER, , Mental Health, LNP, since 1990,  Disabled Veteran  from Desert Storm, and a 2018 Veteran Puerto Rican Hurrican Maria  Volunteer.  Lisa brings many hours of medical one on one in the field at orphanges, door-to-door in the high montains of PR,  Medical Clinics in remote areas or PR,  and providing day  to day health and care for those in need in all areas of Puerto Rico.  There is nothing Lisa wouldn't do or areas she wouldn't go to , to help others if they needed help.

Kimberly Turner


Wesley Heuston


James Young


Haley Herbert


Brandon Turner




Ashley Crawford-Bosch


Ashley was a 4 year Sandy OR Firefighter Explorer, 13 ys of  CNA, and 5 yrs  MA and total of total of 17 years in the medical field.  Ashley grew up in Boriing OR on a Farm and can do all construction, repairs, drive a Massey  Tractor, animal care and first aid, and farming equipment operation that needs to  get the job done including line fencing work.  She has done it all  since 4th grade

Freddie Ortiz


Freddie Ortiz will be on our Feburary 2019 Trip helping  with recon,  debris removal, cleaning of mold in homes,  minor construction, painting,  medical, translator, minor repairs, public  relations,  animal care, and home essential replacement financials.