Who We Are


Volunteers are the heartbeat of our Disaster Relief & Recovery organization.  It's the warm, caring hearts, the devotion to helping others recover from disaster that make us succeed at seeing smiles and beeing able to come back over and over again.  

Nicky Colo'n

President & Co-Founder

Nicky is a US Army Veteran who joined in 1980 in Brooklyn, NY, is home and retired Nov. 2014 which is the same time Barreett his Certified Service Dog started training as a team with Northwest Battle Buddies and have been together ever since.   Nicky has a great quality of being able to talk to people, speaks Spanish fluently as his mother was born is Mayaguez Puerto Rico and father from Spain.  Nicky's family still lives in Puerto Rico, and the pain of not knowing if they were alive, knowing some were beyond starvation enabled Nicky and Sherri to start sending boxes on their own, then to other families, then the beginning of PNW for Puerto Rico began.

Sherri Colo'n

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Wife of Nicky Colo'n, together they saw a need to help everyone in Puerto Rico and began PNW for Puerto Rico Relief in October 2018 following Hurricane Maria.  Sherri has an extensive 26 years of legal, accounting, administrative and business background behind her which coupled with huge heart to help everyone makes this organization stand strong, survive and stand out above all. 

"Going on missions to Puerto Rico puts your life into perspective and what is truely important in your life.  All the "things" in  your life are not worth anything, it's your family, taking time to love one another is what really matters"